Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's been FOREVER, and my apologies

Hi there, folks.

Like so many bloggers, I'm afraid I let my blog go dark for a long time there.

The reasons were many. First, I've just been so busy with real life. Honestly, since my job has me at a computer for so many hours each day, it gets difficult to want to sit in front of a monitor during my free time. Second, a lot of the music I've been listening to the last year or so has either been stuff I've blogged about, OR is new stuff that I haven't really digested. I try to be a reasoned opinion giver, having taken the time to let music settle with me before I give opinions on it.

The third reason isn't as fun or even as understandable, perhaps, but it was a factor in my taking a break: I was getting so many requests from people who just wanted links to the music I was discussing. As I've said since the beginning, I don't provide downloads. I strongly encourage everyone to buy music, or to go through sites where artists and companies get compensated when the music is enjoyed (be it Spotify, YouTube, etc.).

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