Saturday, March 31, 2012

A shorty: Revved up like a deuce

So I was listening to the radio, and a song came on that I always enjoy: Manfred Mann's cover of "Blinded by the Light."

Just goes to show, sometimes regular FM radio really CAN come through for you (hey, I can't afford satellite radio ... so it's radio or iPod for me).

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's sure good enough for me


I've been listening to some of Mr. Springsteen's material of late. And a particular song has been keeping my interest.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Don't Stop Me Now" is Queen perfection

I've discussed on this blog just how hard I find it to name favorites. Favorite groups, favorite albums, favorite songs ... It all depends on mood, situation, memories attached, all of that stuff.

But one favorite I keep coming back to is Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now." At this moment, on this day, of this week ... "Don't Stop Me Now" is my favorite Queen song. And they are one of my favorite bands. Look at that, I'm just naming favorites left and right! (I know, you're amazed.)

I probably don't need to hedge my bets much on "Don't Stop Me Now," actually. It's been my favorite Queen song for a few years. Everything about it appeals to me. Feel like discussing it? Yay! Let's get down to it.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weezer left many fans seeing red

What a different Weezer we saw in 2008, and how familiar they remained ...

Weezer's third self-titled album, referred by many -- including me -- as their "Red album" because of the dominant color of the cover, follows in the footsteps of "Pinkerton" and "Make Believe" by throwing a handful of gems out into the world, with a lot of tracks that grow in appreciation with more listens.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lifting the needle for a moment

Howdy. Let me interrupt the music for a minute to "get real" with y'all. I've got a few topics running through my head, and I figure I could air them out now. Why not, right? We're all friends here. Pull up a seat.

This is my first post of March. It's already a full week in and I haven't gotten around to finishing up some of the blog entries I've started (I usually try to have one or two in progress at all times). So here I go, in one big writing flurry ...

I know the key to a successful blog is regular updates ... well, more than regular. Constant updates are needed to build and sustain readership. (Well, that and good content ... if you write about something no one else cares about, that won't help things). So, as a blog custodian, I've been pretty lame for about a week now (you could argue I've been lame since the beginning ... and that'd make you witty, and I'd high-five you on it).

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